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Group Things

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  1. QUEST Cluster
  2. Mac setup

Platforms/Tech geared towards / facilitating open science…

  1. ORCID online record id. arXiv will be using orcid id preferentially as time goes on so good to link up.

  2. Open Science Framework — can setup workflows for projects, associated wiki’s for collaboration, create dois/arks. Possible data management strategies. Can sign in with orcid. To my knowledge no custom urls.

  3. Data repositories1
    • Dataverse: “A repository for research data that takes care of long-term preservation and good archival practices, while researchers can share, keep control of, and get recognition for their data.”
    • FigShare: “A repository where users can make all of their research outputs available in a citable, shareable, and discoverable manner.”
    • Zenodo: “A repository service that enables researchers, scientists, projects, and institutions to share and showcase multidisciplinary research results (data and publications) that are not part of existing institutional or subject-based repositories.” CERN related.
    • Dryad: “A repository that aims to make data archiving as simple and as rewarding as possible through a suite of services not necessarily provided by publishers or institutional websites.”
    • DataBib: “Databib is a tool for helping people identify and locate online repositories of research data. Users and bibliographers create and curate records that describe data repositories that users can search.”
    • Re3data.org: “Re3data is a global registry of research data repositories from different academic disciplines for researchers, funding bodies, publishers, and scholarly institutions.”
    • Open Access Directory: “A list of repositories and databases for open data.”
    • Force 11 Catalog: “A dynamic inventory of web-based scholarly resources, a collection of alternative publication systems, databases, organizations and groups, software, services, standards, formats, and training tools.”
  4. Code repositories
  5. “Citable” code (??)